Hydraulic Services

Hydraulic Design

Crit Global has 20+ years of combined experience in designing, supplying, manufacturing, repairing and servicing equipment to suit the hydraulic needs of industrial, mobile, mining, oil & gas industries.

  • RPEQ Certified
  • Custom-made Hydraulic Solutions
  • Calculations
  • Hydraulic Circuit Diagram
  • Regen Hydraulic System (Gravitational Setup)


Crit Global provides automation solutions according to your demand and need. We can help you to develop products or improve your existing plant to a high-speed, high-precision, high-productive and high  and low cost plant.

Precision Hydraulic System Control with:


– Adding on to exisiting PLC

– Using NI I/O control boards

– Using a smart controller and browser based GUI

Hydraulic Manufacturing

Crit Global is an Australian owned and operated company designing, manufacturing and supplying quality custom-made hydraulic cylinders and components.

The range of components we 

– Hydraulic Cylinders (Solid, Hollow)

– Electro-Hydraulic Actuators (Solid, Hollow)

– Hydraulic Power Units (HPU)

– Accumulator

– Valves & Manifolds

Hydraulic Repair & Reconditioning

Crit Global’s hydraulic repair and reconditioning service specialises in bringing equipment back to its original performance, helping to prevent costly failures.

– On-site component wear inspection 

– Parts rebuild and/or replacement 

– A complete annual maintenance program included in an Crit Global service contract 

– Comprehensive system assessment

Commissioning & Installation

on-site supervision and technical support of customer or third party manpower resources, complete turnkey responsibility for installation and commissioning and many other related on-site services including system audits, vibration analysis, training, and maintenance services.

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